Jane E. Smith 

Jane E. Smith

Jane E. Smith has a Bachelor's degree in English from Winthrop University in South Carolina and a Master's of Fine Arts from Southern New Hampshire University. She has taught public school grades 7-12, private school grades 9-11 and homeschooled two of her own children for several years. She worked for the public library in her hometown for ten years and has always loved books. She estimates that she's read well over 500 books in her lifetime. She's been writing since she was four when she misspelled her name in crayon on a tissue box. 

In California, Mrs. Smith worked with Chinese exchange students and students who came to live in the US with their parents. She visited many cities in China when she was there to adopt her two daughters. Shanghai, Nanjing, Nanchang, and Guangzhou are some of her favorite places in China. She has hosted Chinese exchange students during the summer and has worked with visiting students from age 12 -17 involving them both in language studies and cultural field trips. One of her proudest successes was a student who arrived with a second grade English level who progressed in two years to a ninth grade American English reading and speaking level. 

Because she homeschooled two of her children from grades 2-10, Mrs. Smith understands the challenges and rewards that homeschooling offers families. A home education done well is just like having your own private teacher. However, some parents may not feel equipped to teach a college-bound student English skills all the way through high school, and that's understandable. Mrs. Smith will help you to design the highest quality English curriculum to ensure your child will be college-ready. This could mean an overall design for a four year arc or teaching individual classes or workshops for your child or a group.  She has worked with students in classical programs and regular school programs.

Classical education offers its own challenges. While we want to teach our child to think critically, often from a Christian point of view,  using a range of difficult subjects such as Latin, we must remember that unless our child is planning to attend a college with a classical focus, we need to expand beyond the classics into the modern literature. A well-rounded education will include modern classics, non-fiction and fiction, as well. Jane Smith Teaches can help you supplement your child's classical curriculum.


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