About Jane E. Smith

Jane Smith has a Bachelor’s degree in English from Winthrop University in South Carolina and a Master’s of Fine Arts from Southern New Hampshire University. She has taught public school grades 7-12, private school grades 9-11 and homeschooled two of her own children for several years.

As a former homeschooler, Mrs. Smith understands the challenges and rewards that homeschooling offers families. A home education done well is just like having your own private teacher. However, some parents may not feel equipped to teach a college-bound student English skills all the way through high school. A well-rounded education will include modern classics, nonfiction and fiction. Mrs. Smith can help you to design the highest quality English curriculum to ensure your child will be college-ready.

In California, Mrs. Smith worked with Chinese exchange students and students who came to live in the US with their parents. She visited many cities in China when she was there to adopt her two daughters. Shanghai, Nanjing, Nanchang, and Guangzhou are some of her favorite places in China. She has hosted Chinese exchange students during the summer and has worked with visiting students from age 12 -17 involving them both in language studies and cultural field trips.

Professional Services

Jane Smith Quilts

I began quilting several years ago when I lived in California, and I enjoy making fabric handcrafts. When you attend one of my workshops, you are able to use a sewing machine and complete a project in a single session. I work with children over age 9, teens and adults.

Curriculum Developer

I write curriculum for use by classroom teachers and homeschooling parents. I currently have available study guides for Hiroshima and Fahrenheit 451. I also have a study examining The Hero’s Journey in literature. I’m currently working on a study of American poets. Contact me about developing curriculum to meet your needs.

Homeschool Teacher

I encourage and support homeschooling families by aiding in the selection of curriculum and providing specialized courses in literature, writing and grammar. I am available during school hours for individuals or small groups. In the Charlotte area, I can provide workshops or classes in person.

English Language Arts Tutoring

English Language Arts classes include reading skills, writing or composition, non-fiction studies, and literature. I work with middle school and high school students using their classroom materials to help them achieve their highest potential.