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Grades 6-12

What do We Do?

Jane Smith Teaches is a personalized, online tutoring company which works with students in grades 7-12 and college. Located in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg metro area, we work online with students, in classes and one-to-one with individual students.

We enjoy working with public, private and homeschooled students.

  • Writing Workshops for grades 6-12

  • Grammar Bootcamps for grades 6-12

  • Novel and Poetry Studies

  • Subject specific tutoring in English Language Arts, Social Studies, basic sciences. Vocabulary only in maths, chemistry, advanced sciences

  • ESL tutoring for college bound students

  • College selection and application assistance including essays

  • Editing and research services for graduate students

  • Homeschool subject teacher available during school hours for individuals or small groups

  • Curriculum developer


Where are we located?


Rock Hill, Fort Mill, York, Chester, SC

Charlotte, NC

Online Worldwide



[email protected]

Professional Background

American English Language Support

I work with families and students who have moved to the US and want to become fluent in American English. Most language teachers focus on grammar and "correct" speaking. I will help you learn to talk like an American without workbooks or tedious repetition. When working with school students, I use their own school books to help them understand the terms and content of their courses. This is a combination of subject and language tutoring.

College Selection

Selecting a college can be a daunting process, so students should begin tracking their progress early in high school by building a portfolio of work, athletic participation, extracurricular activities, and volunteer services. We will examine your student's interests and abilities and search for colleges which will be a good fit for you. Then, when it's time for applications, I will coach your student through the application and essay process. 

American culture

Travel with a teacher through historical sites. Travel back in time to the Revolutionary War in Williamsburg, research both the Revolution and the Civil War in Charleston, see the Liberty bell in Philadelphia or the Alamo in Texas. Small group traveling provides benefits that giant bus tours do not. English is required. Study guides serve as a record of the trip and help ensure that each participant gains experience and understanding during the trip. Let us personalize a tour for you!

homeschool teacher

I encourage and support homeschooling families by aiding in the selection of curriculum and providing specialized courses in literature, writing and grammar. I am available during school hours for individuals or small groups. In the Charlotte area, I can provide workshops or classes in person. 


English Language Arts for College-bound students

English Language Arts classes include reading skills, writing or composition, non-fiction studies, and literature. I work with middle school and high school students using their classroom materials to help them achieve their highest potential.

curriculum developer

I write curriculum for use by classroom teachers and homeschooling parents. I currently have available study guides for Hiroshima and Fahrenheit 451. I also have a study examining The Hero's Journey in literature. I'm currently working on a study of American poets. Contact me about developing curriculum to meet your needs.


A child educated only at school is an uneducated child.
— George Santayana


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